Debra Spark for ‘The Quivering Pen’

The-Pretty-GirlLooking for a read on this lazy Sunday? Check out this article on the writing journey featuring LitFest author Debra Spark: Debra Spark for ‘The Quivering Pen’

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The Poems of Matthew Olzmann

tumblr_min1bxkwVj1rycuixo1_250Hello LitFesters! Some of you may know that last night at SMU’s Art Spiegelman lecture we learned all about the connection between images and words. For us LitFesters we know that images can be formed within our heads as we read the words of novels and poems. Here’s a collection of some posted poems by Matthew Olzmann brimming with verbal imagery. Let’s see what your brain will conjure up!


The California Journal of Poetics on ‘The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart’

791px-Earhart_and_electra-300x227Gabrielle Calvocoressi’s ‘The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart’ is definitely beautiful and thought provoking. It had me researching the legend all around the internet. My favorite line is analyzed in this “po-chop” from The California Journal of Poetics: “Because it’s always like that. / One day, walking through a room,/ you realize what you were holding / is gone and you can’t find it, even / when you get down on your knees.”

CLICK: ‘The Last Time I Saw Amelia Earhart’

Alix Ohlin for the LA Review of Books

bk_480x172Check it out LitFesters!

Alix Ohlin has recently posted an essay for the Los Angeles Review of Books titled “Reader, You Married Him: Male Writers, Female Readers, and the Marriage Plot.” Great read for all the feminists out there and anyone looking for a well articulated and thought provoking read.